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Casting Couch X keeps the flame alive when it comes to hardcore casting videos, because there are many amateurs out there who are not doing a very nice hardcore job. The concept of casting videos is as old as porn has been accessible to the market; so it is not like these people have created something brand new. But often in porn, it’s not what you do only, but also how you do it. Even if others (many others) are doing it, this website makes movies that can touch a different part of your sexuality thanks to their variety and style. And there are many others who did this style of porn once and failed, so the fact that this place continues making movies is a solid first good sign. Let’s get into the site.

The site is calculating because they guide you systematically using the navigational features they have. The first search is for basic videos updated recently, and they are all filthy. It doesn’t matter so much if you are on the mobile devices or on computers, so long as you login you’ll have access and formats. And you’ll be able to easily play vids, pick your pics, add comments, rate the models, and go over more than 40 indexed pages that have previews of videos.

If you look at the videos, whatever fame and money the interviewees can get from the casting guy, and whatever they are asked to do, theyll do it. They do it smiling and moaning and really get into the sex of things and that makes the videos special. A lot of scenes here will be some of the favourites that youll save for later watching and to get recommendation of similar but different films (similar cause they are all casting calls; different cause of the kind of sex in each).

The Casting Couch X coupon, as an offer, has their own personalized features, like the video player follows you as you scroll down the page, or you can choose to see or not-see the various comments of members. The website tries and succeeds at making clear the layout so that you get video results faster and you can play any movie quickly. They have 23 indexed preview pages with 24 films previewed so if you multiply that’s 500+ videos that should be there. You’ll know exactly the number once you have registered. Also, they do have secure registration with different ways of financial payments available.

What the website doesn’t have is lots of information about the models in the model index page. They have been updating 1080p resolution films. And every now and then, you’ll see videos in 2160p resolution also. File formats are wmv, mp4, and flash player formats and mobile ready files. In the videos, the lady is picked up and the conversation starts from inside the car and soon the agent is touching the pussy and tits, making the cunny wet plus ready for cock. There is some flirting and humor and all the ladies know that they are applying for xxx porn casting roles so they are ready to be fucked senselessly if need be!

Final Thoughts

The camera work contains many pov close-ups. The auditions aren’t rushed and ample time is given to admiration of the model’s body. What Casting Couch X should do is more 4K UHD formats need to be updated. So now its time for you to go visit them cause you need to enjoy this soon as you can!