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Dare Dorm website first became popular because if you are going to be offering people money, of course you are going to become well beloved, especially if it has to do with broke college students. College girls\dudes are going off to university and college life looking for a new adventure. The next chapter, after having been confined to the parent’s house for so long. And this presents first a great opportunity to learn what it is they have in them as individuals when it comes to all things related to sex. And they always need cash, for booze and books, and since they are already fucking, why not film that and submit it to this pornsite for a chance to win ten thousand dollars!

Well, that was the cash prize back then when the site started, the prize has reduced, but that was the main idea. Idea was\is to have college students doing hardcore sex in the dorms submit their content and upload it for the millions of peoples online who love seeing it! Another option for coeds is to do part time hardcore sex videos for some cash, while they transition into the job market. Either way, and through all available means, somehow, the coeds are seen here with their legs wide full of cock, mouths sucking on tits, hands rubbing on clits, and eyes screaming wet orgasms all the way!

The Dare Dorm coupon is a mixture of good pair ups when it comes to the sex videos. Since it’s about daring legal young people to do sex and make it unique and fun and raunchy all in one, you are going to have no problems finding orgies, solo, couples, lesbians, threesomes, and other matchup inside. Minute you have entered this garden of amateur teen and coed romping, you will find menu options on displays depending on what device you are using. If on mobile devices they have the menu with – home, more videos, girls, movies, members, and each is a path into more options. On your pc you will enjoy wider selection of features including links to live cam models, links to a place you can submit your action, specials and adverts and so on.

It’s just like any other functional website so far. The supposed girls in college have phenomenal bodies as well, and there is a presence of realism especially when looking at models and sex in real looking dorm rooms. it’s said the models come from all parts of the USA universities! Wouldn’t say that the videos present truly meaningful storylines like some kind of cinema based porn videos you find on other sites, they just like letting the spontaneous nature of the sex feel nice on scene. The camera is often pov and third party looking at the couples fucking, and it shakes sometimes, and is amateurish too at times. All this is expected and welcomed.

Final Thoughts

What may not be welcomed by some people is that there are no downloads, but there are videos with flv formats at 720p resolution! And Dare Dorm packed on some weight as in terms of number of videos they can offer. And videos are 10-30 minutes in length for most of the time. And there are many girls naked, young bodies, sex, and the pornsite does have desirable elements as well as the smaller bad things so its upto you to determine what it is you’d like to do with this information, (for us, we already joined!)