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The site is built for you who love watching sexual finisher on the face of the babe with a lot of cum action. Even though this site is focused on facial action, you still get plenty of sex action to can rely on before the leading finisher, where you can watch all the babe’s face covered in cum. The number of performers that are available here is not massive, and you should check the model index to know more about all of the featured babes here. The majority of the babes here are white, but you can expect some diversity as well here. This includes the body shape of the performers, ages, and many more you can filter.

The other downside of this Facials4K coupon is its content collection is small. Right now, they only got around 15+ movies available to watch in the finest 4K resolution as well as other lower resolutions, including Full HD and HD. All of the lengths of the video are around 40 minutes, and this will be pretty boring for you to watch, especially if you love shorter videos. Bonus is unavailable here, and they don’t have an exact update schedule, but mostly it comes monthly. However, you may download and stream without any restriction on this site.

FAQ is not yet available here, and the only way to solve an issue that occurs during your exploration is by reaching their support team. Send them an email or simply submit a ticket so they can assist you in solving those issues. To cancel this site, you need to reach your biller so they can assist you in unsubscribing from this site. The site interface is decent, with a lot of useful functions that will assist you in navigating this site from any device. This includes basic search, tags, and model index, as mentioned above. Sadly there is no comment section available here, so you can’t interact with other members. The Fave section is also unavailable, so you can’t keep track of your fave scene.

Final Thoughts

Even this Facials4K is a new site; they show good promises in the future in this kind of niche. I’m sure they will improve more in quality and features to make all of the members stay. Take another close look at this site before deciding to subscribe because this site is still in development. If you think this site is legit, then go ahead and subscribe.