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Originally, this site is a personal collection of Jim McBride who used to work in Hollywood. He’s a professional leaked taper and paparazzi from the last century and decided to create his own site in the early 20th century after becoming a radio host. The site contains more than leaked sex and lewd tape, you can watch things like side boob or nip slips, voyeur cams, and many more. It’s all featured by top-notch Hollywood celebs or supermodels you love so their talent diversity is surely great.

This Joybear coupon has been around for more than 2 decades now and has a massive collection of celebrity leaks that reach over 80,000 videos and 280,000 pictures that are available in multiple resolutions. However, you’d still expect thousands of videos in HD and Full HD but no 4K resolution is available. They also provide high res pictures, GIFs, and clips you can enjoy. Sadly there is no bonus available once you become a member here even though you can save their stuff without any restriction. The great news is they update multiple times a day. However, not all of the content here is exclusive.

The site UI and display look great on every device even if they look a little bit outdated. You can expect multiple tags, categories, and more features to assist you in exploring their massive library. This also includes the search engine and model index. A comment section is also available and you can save your fave clips to the collection to keep track of them. Unsubscribing here is easy. All you need to do is ask their support team to undo the site for you. They will also help you fix any issue that can’t be solved through their FAQ section. However, please note that canceling this site will take sometimes so better to undo it 3 days before the renewal date to avoid an extra charge on your card.

Final Thoughts

Joybear is a great ace where you can find all of the celebrity leaks from all over the world. With their massive collection that grows every day, I’m sure you won’t get bored anytime soon with this site. If you do have fave Hollywood stars you want to watch naked, this site will help you find them for sure.