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Reality Lovers is such a sneaky website because they are dealing in virtual reality videos, but they do not say it upfront, but instead let you discover once you get inside. Many pornsites have a variation of the words “virtual reality” in the website’s name. When you do check out this website, it stands tall with over two hundred and eighty videos. Immediately you can chose what perspective you will like, as they have pov and voyeur kinds of camera styles. The point of view technique subs you for the guy in the film so that you feel like you are the one having sex with the babe. And if you want to be one-step more removed, you can enjoy the voyeur styles of shooting that put you in the room with the sex performers. And what is even better is that, sometimes, single scene can have both perspectives.

It is a joy every day of the week when this pornsite decides on unleashing a new update. And these scenes are rooted in all manner of niches including buttplug, cunnilingus, bdsm, Asian, anal, cowgirl, ebony, cheating, missionary, rough sex, orgy, orgasm, redhead, party, squirting, striptease, tattoos, tea bagging, threesome, tribbing, titty fuck, insertion, lingerie, masturbation, massage, mature, Latina, lesbian, fishnet, facial, for women, food play, handjobs, group sex, footjobs, etc. And so with this expansive list of niches, the pornsite is able to make parody films too, and they have invested in shooting quality virtual reality flicks.

So it is clear to anyone that the Reality Lovers coupon loves fun because they film the scenes to be upbeat and full of energy. But where they become serious about things is when they start with the actual putting together of the films. First up is the quality. The VR films are 4K ultra resolution.

The three dimensional films do come with their own unique surround sound binaural quality sound that adds a lot of life into the films! If you play using your VR headset and headphones, you are going to mentally leave this planet current reality and find yourself in the new world of hardcore sex. The website has selection options for menu, videos, VR cams, categories, pornstars, FAQ, support, and links to social media websites.

The kinds of formats you will have for virtual reality include the popular common ones like Oculus, Vive, Psvr, Gear VR. Virtual reality videos, and all information on how to download and play the videos, are easily available online. You should brush up quickly on your options for VR headsets and formats and start watching the first video inside this pornsite. Information about the models, and links to their social media accounts plus a small bio, will be inside the model index section of this pornsite. There are some options that are missing, like comments and ratings, but aside from that, the rest of the pornsite is functional and modern.

Final Thoughts

On each episode will be the descriptions while you do have tags to filter with and do have the overall search engine to use. There is the three-dollar charge for downloading individual films, while it is free to stream the content once you are inside. Many people would appreciate if this policy got terminated and they just let you download unlimited like, but that is how things are for now. Anyway, a membership into Reality Lovers is most certainly worth the effort as these exclusive virtual reality acts of carnal satisfaction are just perfect to watch!