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TukTukPatrol features the sex adventures of a white tourist hitting the streets of Thailand hunting for beautiful Thai girls to fuck. The guy meets the women on the streets, and somehow convinces them to go to his room and one thing leads to another and before long, the Thai girl is on the receiving end of some Caucasian cock. The site has over 205 full-length scenes that you can stream and download in Full HD. With videos running for a good 30-45 minutes (some even 60+ minutes), you are in for an exciting time rubbing your manhood to all this action.

Raw Tourist Sex

Some dudes are simply born lucky. Imagine patrolling the streets of Bangkok looking for cute Thai girls to fuck. Must be an adventure, right? Maybe the sexcapades of the white dude here will finally inspire you to get out of your dark basement room and go out to get some real girls. This dude is living life. Shit, even yours truly is inspired. I will probably grab a plane ticket to Brazil where they have some of the sexiest big booty girls and record my adventures for your fapping pleasure. Anyway, the entire collection of videos here revolves around a freak named John who does nothing but meet and fuck cute Thai sluts on the streets. If you love reality-themed porn (and why wouldn’t you), then grab some lube and tissue because it is going to be a rough journey.

Full HD Movies

John does a good job of recording everything from when he meets the girl (mostly at the mall) to when he finally gets between her legs. Some of the videos even feature the girl taking a shower after getting thoroughly fucked. The videos are therefore pretty lengthy, mostly clocking an average of 30-45 minutes. Occasionally, you will come across a Tuk Tuk Patrol coupon video that runs for well over an hour. The site is home to 205 scenes and although the update is slow, they are adding a new scene every once in a while. The videos are available for downloading and streaming at 1080p Full HD. However, some of the older scenes are only available in SD but are still pretty watchable. I hope they will start shooting 4K videos soon. Each video is accompanied by a bunch of photos.

John has done his best to make the scenes appear as real as possible. Unlike other sites, you don’t get the feeling that the scenes are scripted which adds an exciting dimension to the action. Don’t rule out threesomes as well when the tourist invites another dude to help him feast on these stunning Thai beauties.

Final Thoughts

Tuk Tuk Patrol could do with a better update schedule. Currently, they are only adding a video every two weeks. Other than that, they have done a great job of availing a sizeable collection of tourism sex. The action is hardcore while the videos are long enough and you will be busting gallons of semen per video. If this doesn’t inspire you to undertake a similar adventure, I don’t know what will.